— 70 —
Conscience no proof of any innate Moral Rule.       §8. To which, I answer, That I doubt not, but without being
written on their Hearts, many Men, may, by the same way that they
come to the Knowledge of other things, come to assent to several
Moral Rules, and be convinced of their Obligation. Others also may
come to be of the same Mind, from their Education, Company, and
Customs of their Country; which, Perswasion however got, will serve to
set Conscience on work, which is nothing else, but our own Opinion
or Judgment of the Moral Rectitude or Pravity of our own Actions.
And if Conscience be a Proof of innate Principles, contraries may be
innate Principles: Since some Men, with the same bent of Con-
science, prosecute what others avoid.
Locke Hum I, 3, §8, p. 70