— 69 —
Mens Actions convince us, that the Rule of Vertue is not their internal Principle.       §7. For, if we will not in Civility allow too much Sincerity to the
Professions of most Men, but think their Actions to be the Inter-
preters of their Thoughts, we shall find, that they have no such
— 70 —
internal Veneration for these Rules, nor so full a Perswasion of their
Certainty and Obligation. The great Principle of Morality, To do as
one would be done to, is more commended, than practised. But the
Breach of this Rule cannot be a greater Vice, than to teach others,
That it is no Moral Rule, nor Obligatory, would be thought Mad-
ness, and contrary to that Interest Men sacrifice to, when they
break it themselves. Perhaps Conscience will be urged as checking us
for such Breaches, and so the internal Obligation and Establishment
of the Rule be preserved.
Locke Hum I, 3, §7, pp. 69-70