— 68 —
Instance in keeping Compacts.       §5. That Men should keep their Compacts, is certainly a great
and undeniable Rule in Morality: But yet, if a Christian, who has the
view of Happiness and Misery in another Life, be asked why a Man
must keep his Word, he will give this as a Reason: Because God, who
has the Power of eternal Life and Death, requires it of us. But if an
Hobbist be asked why; he will answer: Because the Publick requires
it, and the Leviathan will punish you, if you do not. And if one of the
old Heathen Philosophers had been asked, he would have answer’d:
Because it was dishonest, below the Dignity of a Man, and opposite
to Vertue, the highest Perfection of humane Nature, to do otherwise.
Locke Hum I, 3, §5, p. 68