— 61 —
Not innate, because not universally assented to.       §24. To conclude this Argument of universal Consent, I agree
with these Defenders of innate Principles, That if they are innate,
they must needs have universal assent. For that a Truth should be
innate, and yet not assented to, is to me as unintelligible, as for a
— 62 —
Man to know a Truth, and be ignorant of it at the same time. But
then, by these Men’s own Confession, they cannot be innate; since
they are not assented to, by those who understand not the Terms,
nor by a great part of those who do understand them, but have yet
never heard, nor thought of those Propositions; which, I think, is at
least one half of Mankind. But were the Number far less, it would
be enough to destroy universal assent, and thereby shew these Pro-
positions not to be innate, if Children alone were ignorant of them.
Locke Hum I, 2, §24, pp. 61-62