— 56 —
Assenting as soon as proposed and understood, proves them not innate.       §17. This Evasion therefore of general Assent, when Men come
to the use of Reason, failing as it does, and leaving no difference
between those supposed-innate, and other Truths, that are
afterwards acquired and learnt, Men have endeavoured to secure
an universal Assent to those they call Maxims, by saying, they are
generally assented to, as soon as proposed, and the Terms they are
propos’d in, understood: Seeing all Men, even Children, as soon as
they hear and understand the Terms, assent to these Propositions,
they think it is sufficient to prove them innate. For since Men never
fail, after they have once understood the Words, to acknowledge
them for undoubted Truths, they would inferr, That certainly these
Propositions were first lodged in the Understanding, which, with-
out any teaching, the Mind at very first Proposal, immediately
closes with, and assents to, and after that never doubts again.
Locke Hum I, 2, §17, p. 56