— 53 —
By this, they are not distinguished from other knowable Truths.       §13. In the mean time, it is observable, that this saying, that
Men know, and assent to these Maxims, when they come to the use of
— 54 —
Reason, amounts in reality of Fact to no more but this, That they are
never known, nor taken notice of before the use of Reason, but may
possibly be assented to sometime after, during a Man’s Life; but
when, is uncertain: And so may all other knowable Truths, as well as
these, which therefore have no Advantage, nor distinction from
others, by this Note of being known when we come to the use of
Reason; nor are thereby proved to be innate, but quite the contrary.
Locke Hum I, 2, §13, pp. 53-54