— 52 —
      §11. Those who will take the Pains to reflect with a little atten-
tion on the Operations of the Understanding, will find, that this
ready Assent of the Mind to some Truths, depends not, either on
— 53 —
native Inscription, or the Use of Reason; but on a Faculty of the Mind
quite distinct from both of them as we shall see hereafter. Reason
therefore, having nothing to do in procuring our Assent to these
Maxims, if by saying, that Men know and assent to them, when they
come to the Use of Reason, be meant, That the use of Reason assists us
in the Knowledge of these Maxims, it is utterly false; and were it
true, would prove them not to be innate.
Locke Hum I, 2, §11, pp. 52-53