— 51 —
Tis false that Reason discovers them.       §9 But how can these Men think the Use of Reason necessary to
discover Principles that are supposed innate, when Reason (if we
may believe them) is nothing else, but the Faculty of deducing un-
known Truths from Principles or Propositions, that are already
— 52 —
known? That certainly can never be thought innate, which we have
need of Reason to discover, unless as I have said, we will have all the
certain Truths, that Reason ever teaches us, to be innate. We may
as well think the use of Reason necessary to make our Eyes discover
visible Objects, as that there should be need of Reason, or the
Exercise thereof, to make the Understanding see, what is Origin-
ally engraven in it, and cannot be in the Understanding, before it be
perceived by it. So that to make Reason discover those Truths thus
imprinted, is to say, that the use of Reason discovers to a Man,
what he knew before; and if Men have these innate, impressed
Truths Originally, and before the use of Reason, and yet are always
ignorant of them, till they come to the use of Reason, ’tis in effect
to say, that Men know, and know them not at the same time.
Locke Hum I, 2, §9, pp. 51-52