— 44 —
Method.       §3. It is therefore worth while, to search out the Bounds between
Opinion and Knowledge; and examine by what Measures, in things,
whereof we have no certain Knowledge, we ought to regulate our
Assent, and moderate our Perswasions. In Order whereunto, I shall
pursue this following Method.
      First, I shall enquire into the Original of those Ideas, Notions, or
whatever else you please to call them, which a Man observes, and is
conscious to himself he has in his Mind; and the ways whereby the
Understanding comes to be furnished with them.
      Secondly, I shall endeavour to shew, what Knowledge the Under-
standing hath by those Ideas; and the Certainty, Evidence, and
Extent of it.
      Thirdly, I shall make some Enquiry into the Nature and Grounds
of Faith, or Opinion: whereby I mean that Assent, which we give to
any Proposition as true, of whose Truth yet we have no certain
Knowledge: And here we shall have Occasion to examine the
Reasons and Degrees of Assent.
Locke Hum I, 1, §3, p. 44