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Book I

Chapter I


An Enquiry into the Understanding pleasant and useful.       §1. Since it is the Understanding that sets Man above the rest of
sensible Beings, and gives him all the Advantage and Dominion,
which he has over them; it is certainly a Subject, even for its Noble-
ness, worth our Labour to enquire into. The Understanding, like the
Eye, whilst it makes us see, and perceive all other Things, takes no
notice of it self: And it requires Art and Pains to set it at a distance,
and make it its own Object. But whatever be the Difficulties, that
lie in the way of this Enquiry; whatever it be, that keeps us so much
in the Dark to our selves; sure I am, that all the Light we can let in
upon our own Minds; all the Acquaintance we can make with our
own Understandings, will not only be very pleasant; but bring us
great Advantage, in directing our Thoughts in the search of other
Locke Hum I, 1, §1, p. 43