— 721 —
This is the first Division of the Objects of Knowledge.
      §5. This seems to me the first and most general, as well as natural divi-
sion of the Objects of our Understanding. For a Man can employ his
Thoughts about nothing, but either the Contemplation of Things
themselves for the discovery of Truth; Or about the Things in his
own Power, which are his own Actions, for the Attainment of his
own Ends; Or the Signs the Mind makes use of, both in the one and
the other, and the right ordering of them for its clearer Information.
All which three, viz. Things as they are in themselves knowable;
Actions as they depend on us, in order to Happiness; and the right
use of Signs in order to Knowledge, being toto coelo different, they
seemed to me to be the three great Provinces of the intellectual
World, wholly separate and distinct one from another.
Locke Hum IV, 21, §5, p. 721