— 712 —
      §9. There is nothing more ordinary, than that Children should
receive into their Minds Propositions (especially about Matters of
Religion) from their Parents, Nurses, or those about them: which
being insinuated into their unwary, as well as unbiass’d Under-
standings, and fastened by degrees, are at last (equally, whether
true or false) riveted there by long Custom and Education beyond
all possibility of being pull’d out again. For Men, when they are
grown up, reflecting upon their Opinions, and finding those of this
sort to be as ancient in their Minds as their very Memories, not
having observed their early Insinuation, nor by what means they
got them, they are apt to reverence them as sacred Things, and not
to suffer them to be prophaned, touched, or questioned: They look
on them as the Urim and Thummim set up in their Minds immediately
by GOD Himself, to be the great and unerring Deciders of Truth
and Falshood, and the Judges to which they are to appeal in all
manner of
Locke Hum IV, 20, §9, p. 712