— 711 —
Fourthly, Wrong measures of Probability, whereof.
      §7. Fourthly, There remains yet the last sort, who, even where
the real Probabilities appear, and are plainly laid before them, do
not admit of the conviction, nor yield unto manifest Reasons, but
do either ἐπέχειν, suspend their Assent, or give it to the less prob-
able Opinion. And to this danger are those exposed, who have
taken up wrong measures of Probability, which are,
      1. Propositions that are not in themselves certain and evident, but doubtful
and false, taken up for Principles.
      2. Received Hypotheses.
      3. Predominant Passions or Inclinations.
      4. Authority.
Locke Hum IV, 20, §7, p. 711