— 708 —
People hindred from enquiry.
      §4. Besides those, whose Improvements and informations are
straitned by the narrowness of their Fortunes, there are others,
whose largeness of Fortune would plentifully enough supply
Books, and other Requisites for clearing of Doubts, and discovering
of Truth: But they are cooped in close, by the Laws of their Countries,
and the strict guards of those, whose Interest it is to keep them
ignorant, lest, knowing more, they should believe the less in
them. These are as far, nay farther from the Liberty and Opportunities of
a fair Enquiry, than those poor and wretched Labourers, we before
spoke of. And, however they may seem high and great, are confined
to narrowness of Thought, and enslaved in that which should be
the freest part of Man, their Understandings. This is generally the
— 709 —
Case of all those, who live in Places where Care is taken to propagate
Truth, without Knowledge; where Men are forced, at a venture, to
be of the Religion of the Country; and must therefore swallow
down Opinions, as silly People do Empiricks Pills, without know-
ing what they are made of, or how they will work, and have nothing
to do, but believe that they will do the Cure: but in this, are much
more miserable than they, in that they are not at liberty to refuse
swallowing, what perhaps they had rather let alone; or to chuse the
Physician, to whose Conduct they would trust themselves.
Locke Hum IV, 20, §4, pp. 708-709