— 706 —
Chapter XX

Of wrong Assent, or Errour.

Causes of Errour.
      §1. Knowledge being to be had only of visible certain Truth,
Errour is not a Fault of our Knowledge, but a Mistake of our Judg-
ment giving Assent to that, which is not true.
      But if Assent be grounded on Likelihood, if the proper Object and
Motive of our Assent be Probability, and that Probability consists
in what is laid down in the foregoing Chapters, it will be demanded,
how Men come to give their Assents contrary to Probability. For
there is nothing more common, than Contrariety of Opinions;
nothing more obvious, than that one Man wholly disbelieves what
another only doubts of, and a third stedfastly believes, and firmly
adheres to. The Reasons whereof, though they may be very various,
yet, I suppose, may all be reduced to these four.
      1. Want of Proofs.
      2. Want of Ability to use them.
      3. Want of Will to use them.
      4. Wrong Measures of Probability.
Locke Hum IV, 20, §1, p. 706