— 705 —
      §16. In what I have said I am far from denying, that GOD can,
or doth sometimes enlighten Mens Minds in the apprehending of
certain Truths, or excite them to Good Actions by the immediate
influence and assistance of the Holy Spirit, without any extra-
ordinary Signs accompanying it. But in such Cases too we have
Reason and the Scripture, unerring Rules to know whether it be
from GOD or no. Where the Truth imbraced is consonant to the
Revelation in the written word of GOD; or the Action conformable
to the dictates of right Reason or Holy Writ, we may be assured that
we run no risque in entertaining it as such, because though perhaps
it be not an immediate Revelation from GOD, extraordinarily
— 706 —
operating on our Minds, yet we are sure it is warranted by that
Revelation which he has given us of Truth. But it is not the strength
of our private perswasion within our selves, that can warrant it
to be a Light or Motion from Heaven: Nothing can do that but the
written Word of GOD without us, or that Standard of Reason
which is common to us with all Men. Where Reason or Scripture is
express for any Opinion or Action, we may receive it as of divine
Authority: But ’tis not the strength of our own Perswasions which
can by it self give it that Stamp. The bent of our own Minds may
favour it as much as we please; That may shew it to be a Fondling
of our own, but will by no means prove it to be an Offspring of
Heaven, and of divine Original.
Locke Hum IV, 19, §16, pp. 705-706