— 703 —
Light in the Mind, what.
      §13. Light, true Light in the Mind is, or can be nothing else but
the Evidence of the Truth of any Proposition; and if it be not a
self-evident Proposition, all the Light it has, or can have, is from the
clearness and validity of those Proofs, upon which it is received. To
talk of any other light in the Understanding is to put our selves in
the dark, or in the power of the Prince of Darkness, and by our own
consent, to give ourselves up to Delusion to believe a Lie. For if
strength of Perswasion be the Light, which must guide us; I ask
— 704 —
how shall any one distinguish between the delusions of Satan, and
the inspirations of the Holy Ghost? He can transform himself into
an Angel of Light. And they who are led by this Son of the Morning
are as fully satisfied of the Illumination, i.e. are as strongly per-
swaded, that they are enlightned by the Spirit of God, as any one
who is so: They acquiesce and rejoyce in it, are acted by it: and no
body can be more sure, nor more in the right (if their own strong
belief may be judge) than they.
Locke Hum IV, 19, §13, pp. 703-704