— 702 —
Enthusiasm fails of Evidence, that the Proposition is from GOD.
      §11. In all that is of Divine Revelation there is need of no other
Proof but that it is an Inspiration from GOD: For he can neither
deceive nor be deceived. But how shall it be known, that any Pro-
position in our Minds is a Truth infused by God; a Truth that is
reveal’d to us by him, which he declares to us, and therefore we
ought to believe? Here it is that Enthusiasm fails of the Evidence it
pretends to. For Men thus possessed boast of a Light whereby they
say, they are enlightened, and brought into the Knowledge of this
or that Truth. But if they know it to be a Truth, they must know
it to be so either by its own self-evidence to natural Reason; or by
the rational Proofs that make it out to be so. If they see and know
it to be a Truth, either of these two ways, they in vain suppose it to
be a Revelation: For they know it to be true by the same way, that
any other Man naturally may know, that it is so without the help
of Revelation. For thus all the Truths of what kind soever, that
Men uninspired are enlightened with, came into their Minds, and
are established there. If they say they know it to be true, because
it is a Revelation from GOD, the reason is good: but then it will be
demanded, how they know it to be a Revelation from GOD. If they
say by the Light it brings with it, which shines bright in their
Minds, and they cannot resist; I beseech them to consider, whether
this be any more, than what we have taken notice of already, viz.
that it is a Revelation because they strongly believe it to be true.
For all the Light they speak of is but a strong, though ungrounded
perswasion of their own Minds that it is a Truth. For rational
Grounds from Proofs that it is a Truth they must acknowledge to
have none, for then it is not received as a Revelation, but upon the
ordinary Grounds, that other Truths are received: And if they believe
— 703 —
it to be true, because it is a Revelation, and have no other reason for
its being a Revelation, but because they are fully perswaded without
any other reason that it is true, they believe it to be a Revelation
only because they strongly believe it to be a Revelation, which
is a very unsafe ground to proceed on, either in our Tenets, or
Actions: And what readier way can there be to run our selves into
the most extravagant Errors and Miscarriages than thus to set up
phancy for our supreme and sole Guide, and to believe any Proposi-
tion to be true, any Action to be right, only because we believe it
to be so? The strength of our Perswasions are no Evidence at all of
their own rectitude: Crooked things may be as stiff and unflexible
as streight: and Men may be as positive and peremptory in Error
as in Truth. How come else the untractable Zealots in different and
opposite Parties? For if the Light, which every one thinks he has in
his Mind, which in this Case is nothing but the strength of his own
Perswasion, be an Evidence that it is from GOD, contrary Opinions
may have the same title to be inspirations; and GOD will be not
only the Father of Lights, but of opposite and contradictory Lights,
leading Men contrary ways; and contradictory Propositions will
be divine Truths, if an ungrounded strength of Assurance be an
Evidence, that any Proposition is a Divine Revelation.
Locke Hum IV, 19, §11, pp. 702-703