— 699 —
      §7. This I take to be properly Enthusiasm, which though founded
neither on Reason, nor Divine Revelation, but rising from the Con-
ceits of a warmed or over-weening Brain, works yet, where it once
gets footing, more powerfully on the Perswasions and Actions of Men,
than either of those two, or both together: Men being most forward-
ly obedient to the impulses they receive from themselves; And the
whole Man is sure to act more vigorously, where the whole Man is
carried by a natural Motion. For strong conceit like a new Principle
carries all easily with it, when got above common Sense, and freed
from all restraint of Reason, and check of Reflection, it is heightened
into a Divine Authority,
Locke Hum IV, 19, §7, p. 699