— 698 —
Rise of Enthusiasm.
      §5. Immediate Revelation being a much easier way for Men to
establish their Opinions, and regulate their Conduct, than the
— 699 —
tedious and not always successful Labour of strict Reasoning, it is
no wonder, that some have been very apt to pretend to Revelation,
and to perswade themselves, that they are under the peculiar
guidance of Heaven in their Actions and Opinions, especially in
those of them, which they cannot account for by the ordinary
Methods of Knowledge, and Principles of Reason. Hence we see,
that in all Ages, Men, in whom Melancholy has mixed with Devo-
tion, or whose conceit of themselves has raised them into an
Opinion of a greater familiarity with GOD, and a nearer admittance
to his Favour than is afforded to others, have often flatter’d them-
selves with a perswasion of an immediate intercourse with the
Deity, and frequent communications from the divine Spirit. GOD
I own cannot be denied to be able to enlighten the Understanding
by a Ray darted into the Mind immediately from the Fountain of
Light: This they understand he has promised to do, and who then
has so good a title to expect it, as those who are his peculiar
Locke Hum IV, 19, §5, pp. 698-699