— 698 —
A forwardness to dictate from whence.
      §2. The assuming an Authority of Dictating to others, and a for-
wardness to prescribe to their Opinions, is a constant concomitant
of this bias and corruption of our Judgments. For how almost can it
be otherwise, but that he should be ready to impose on others
Belief, who has already imposed on his own? Who can reasonably
expect Arguments and Conviction from him, in dealing with others,
whose Understanding is not accustomed to them in his dealing
with himself? Who does Violence to his own Faculties, Tyrannizes
over his own Mind, and usurps the Prerogative that belongs to
Truth alone, which is to command Assent by only its own Author-
ity, i.e. by and in proportion to that Evidence which it carries
with it.
Locke Hum IV, 19, §2, p. 698