— 687 —
Above, contrary, and according to Reason.
      §23. By what has been before said of Reason, we may be able to
make some guess at the distinction of Things, into those that are
according to, above, and contrary to Reason. 1. According to Reason
are such Propositions, whose Truth we can discover, by examining
and tracing those Ideas we have from Sensation and Reflexion; and by
natural deduction, find to be true, or probable. 2. Above Reason are
such Propositions, whose Truth or Probability we cannot by Reason
derive from those Principles. 3. Contrary to Reason are such Proposi-
tions, as are inconsistent with, or irreconcilable to our clear and
distinct Ideas. Thus the Existence of one GOD is according to
Reason; the Existence of more than one GOD, contrary to Reason;
the Resurrection of the Dead, above Reason. Farther, as Above
Reason may be taken in a double Sense, viz. either as signifying above
Probability, or above Certainty: so in that large Sense also, Con-
trary to Reason, is, I suppose, sometimes taken.
Locke Hum IV, 17, §23, p. 687