— 681 —
First, Reason fails us for want of Ideas.
      §9. Reason, Though it penetrates into the Depths of the Sea and
Earth, elevates our Thoughts as high as the Stars, and leads us
through the vast Spaces, and large Rooms of this mighty Fabrick,
yet it comes far short of the real Extent of even corporeal Being; and
there are many Instances wherein it fails us: As,
— 682 —
      First, It perfectly fails us, where our Ideas fail. It neither does, nor
can extend it self farther than they do. And therefore, where-ever
we have no Ideas, our Reasoning stops, and we are at an End of our
Reckoning: And if at any time we reason about Words, which do
not stand for any Ideas, ’tis only about those Sounds, and nothing else.
Locke Hum IV, 17, §9, pp. 681-682