— 679 —
Other helps should be sought.
      §7. I doubt not nevertheless, but there are ways to be found to
assist our Reason in this most useful part; and this the judicious
— 680 —
Hooker encourages me to say, who in his Eccl. Pol. l. 1. § 6. speaks
thus: If there might be added the right helps of true Art and Learning,
(which helps I must plainly confess, this Age of the World carrying the
Name of a learned Age, doth neither much know, nor generally regard,)
there would undoubtedly be almost as much difference in Maturity of
Judgment between Men therewith inured, and that which now Men are, as
between Men that are now, and Innocents
. I do not pretend to have found,
or discovered here any of those right helps of Art, this great Man of
deep Thought mentions: but this is plain, that Syllogism, and the
Logick now in Use, which were as well known in his days, can be
none of those he means. It is sufficient for me, if by a Discourse,
perhaps, something out of the way, I am sure as to me wholly new,
and unborrowed, I shall have given Occasion to others, to cast about
for new Discoveries, and to seek in their own Thoughts, for those
right Helps of Art, which will scarce be found, I fear, by those who
servilely confine themselves to the Rules and Dictates of others.
For beaten Tracts lead these sort of Cattel, (as an observing Roman
calls them,) whose Thoughts reach only to Imitation, non quo
eundum est, sed quo itur.Horace, Epistles, I, 19. But I can be bold to say, that this Age is
adorned with some Men of that Strength of Judgment, and Large-
ness of Comprehension, that if they would employ their Thoughts
on this Subject, could open new and undiscovered Ways to the
Advancement of Knowledge.
Locke Hum IV, 17, §7, pp. 679-680