— 667 —
One case where contrary Experience lessens not the Testimony.
      §13. Though the common Experience, and the ordinary Course
of Things have justly a mighty Influence on the Minds of Men, to
make them give or refuse Credit to any thing proposed to their
Belief; yet there is one Case, wherein the strangeness of the Fact
lessens not the Assent to a fair Testimony given of it. For where
such supernatural Events are suitable to ends aim’d at by him, who
has the Power to change the course of Nature, there, under such
Circumstances, they may be the fitter to procure Belief, by how
much the more they are beyond, or contrary to ordinary Observa-
tion. This is the proper Case of Miracles, which well attested, do
not only find Credit themselves; but give it also to other Truths,
which need such Confirmation.
Locke Hum IV, 16, §13, p. 667