— 662 —
Unquestionable Testimony and Experience for the most part produce Confidence.
      §7. Secondly, The next degree of Probability is, when I find by my
own Experience, and the Agreement of all others that mention it, a
thing to be, for the most part, so; and that the particular instance
of it is attested by many and undoubted Witnesses: v.g. History
giving us such an account of Men in all Ages; and my own Ex-
perience, as far as I had an opportunity to observe, confirming it,
that most Men preferr their private Advantage, to the publick. If
all Historians that write of Tiberius, say that Tiberius did so, it is
extremely probable. And in this case, our Assent has a sufficient
foundation to raise it self to a degree, which we may call Confidence.
Locke Hum IV, 16, §7, p. 662