— 655 —
The grounds of Probability are two; conformity with our own Experience, or the Testimony of others Experience.
      §4. Probability then, being to supply the defect of our Knowledge,
and to guide us where that fails, is always conversant about Propo-
sitions, whereof we have no certainty, but only some inducements to
— 656 —
receive them for true. The grounds of it are, in short, these two
      First, The conformity of any thing with our own Knowledge,
Observation, and Experience.
      Secondly, The Testimony of others, vouching their Observation
and Experience. In the Testimony of others, is to be considered,
1. The Number. 2. The Integrity. 3. The Skill of the Witnesses.
4. The Design of the Author, where it is a Testimony out of a
Book cited. 5. The Consistency of the Parts, and Circumstances of
the Relation. 6. Contrary Testimonies.
Locke Hum IV, 15, §4, pp. 655-656