— 655 —
Being that which makes us presume things to be true, before we know them to be so.
      §3. Probability is likeliness to be true, the very notation of the
Word signifying such a Proposition, for which there be Arguments
or Proofs, to make it pass or be received for true. The entertainment
the Mind gives this sort of Propositions, is called Belief, Assent, or
Opinion, which is the admitting or receiving any Proposition for
true, upon Arguments or Proofs that are found to perswade us to
receive it as true, without certain Knowledge that it is so. And
herein lies the difference between Probability and Certainty, Faith and
Knowledge, that in all the parts of Knowledge, there is intuition; each
immediate Idea, each step has its visible and certain connexion; in
belief not so. That which makes me believe, is something extraneous
to the thing I believe; something not evidently joined on both sides
to, and so not manifestly shewing the Agreement, or Disagreement
of those Ideas, that are under consideration.
Locke Hum IV, 15, §3, p. 655