— 643 —
By which Morality also may be made clearer.
      §8. This gave me the confidence to advance that Conjecture,
which I suggest, Chap. 3. viz. That Morality is capable of Demonstra-
tion, as well as Mathematicks. For the Ideas that Ethicks are conver-
sant about, being all real Essences, and such as, I imagine, have a
discoverable connexion and agreement one with another; so far as
we can find their Habitudes and Relations, so far we shall be
possessed of certain, real, and general Truths: and I doubt not, but
if a right method were taken, a great part of Morality might be made
out with that clearness, that could leave, to a considering Man, no
more reason to doubt, than he could have to doubt of the Truth
— 644 —
of Propositions in Mathematicks, which have been demonstrated
to him.
Locke Hum IV, 12, §8, pp. 643-644