— 632 —
First, Because we cannot have them but by the inlet of the Senses.
      §4. First, ’Tis plain, those Perceptions are produced in us by
exteriour Causes affecting our Senses: Because those that want the
Organs of any Sense, never can have the Ideas belonging to that Sense pro-
duced in their Minds. This is too evident to be doubted: and
therefore we cannot but be assured, that they come in by the
Organs of that Sense, and no other way. The Organs themselves,
’tis plain, do not produce them: for then the Eyes of a Man in the
dark, would produce Colours, and his Nose smell Roses in the
Winter: but we see no body gets the relish of a Pine-apple, till he
goes to the Indies, where it is, and tastes it.
Locke Hum IV, 11, §4, p. 632