— 630 —
Chapter XI

Of our Knowledge of the Existence of other Things.

Is to be had only by Sensation.
      §1. The Knowledge of our own Being, we have by intuition. The
Existence of a GOD, Reason clearly makes known to us, as has
been shewn.
      The Knowledge of the Existence of any other thing we can have only
by Sensation: For there being no necessary connexion of real Existence,
with any Idea a Man hath in his Memory, nor of any other Existence
but that of GOD, with the Existence of any particular Man; no
particular Man can know the Existence of any other Being, but only
when by actual operating upon him, it makes it self perceived by
him. For the having the Idea of any thing in our Mind, no more
proves the Existence of that Thing, than the picture of a Man
evidences his being in the World, or the Visions of a Dream make
thereby a true History.
Locke Hum IV, 11, §1, p. 630