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Secondly, One particle alone of Matter cannot be cogitative.
      §15. Secondly, If all Matter does not think, I next ask, whether it
be only one Atom that does so? This has as many Absurdities as the
other; for then this Atom of Matter must be alone eternal, or not.
If this alone be eternal, then this alone, by its powerful Thought,
or Will, made all the rest of Matter. And so we have the creation
of Matter by a powerful Thought, which is that the Materialists
stick at. For if they suppose one single thinking Atom, to have
produced all the rest of Matter, they cannot ascribe that Pre-
eminency to it upon any other account, than that of its Thinking,
the only supposed difference. But allow it to be by some other way,
which is above our conception, it must be still Creation; and these
Men must give up their great Maxim, Ex nihilo nil fit.Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, I, 150 ff. If it be said,
that all the rest of Matter is equally eternal, as that thinking Atom,
it will be to say any thing at pleasure, though never so absurd: For
to suppose all matter eternal, and yet one small particle in Knowledge
and Power infinitely above all the rest, is without any the least
appearance of Reason to frame any Hypothesis. Every particle of
Matter, as Matter, is capable of all the same Figures and Motions
of any other; and I challenge any one in his Thoughts, to add any
Thing else to one above another.
Locke Hum IV, 10, §15, p. 626