— 626 —
Not material, First, because every particle of Matter is not cogitative.
      §14. But now let us see how they can satisfie themselves, or
others, that this eternal thinking Being is material.
      First, I would ask them, whether they imagine, that all Matter,
every particle of Matter, thinks? This, I suppose, they will scarce say;
since then there would be as many eternal thinking Beings, as there
are Particles of Matter, and so an infinity of Gods. And yet if they
will not allow Matter as Matter, that is, every Particle of Matter to
be as well cogitative, as extended, they will have as hard a task to
make out to their own Reasons, a cogitative Being out of incogi-
tative Particles, as an extended Being, out of unextended Parts,
if I may so speak.
Locke Hum IV, 10, §14, p. 626