— 625 —
Whether material or no.
      §13. First, Perhaps it will be said, that though it be as clear as
demonstration can make it, that there must be an eternal Being, and
that Being must also be knowing: yet it does not follow, but that
thinking Being may also be material. Let it be so; it equally still
follows, that there is a GOD. For if there be an Eternal, Omniscient,
Omnipotent Being, it is certain, that there is a GOD, whether you
imagine that Being to be material, or no. But, herein, I suppose, lies
the danger and deceit of that Supposition: There being no way to
avoid the demonstration, that there is an eternal knowing Being,
Men, devoted to Matter, would willingly have it granted, that this
knowing Being is material; and then letting slide out of their
Minds, or the Discourse, the demonstration whereby an eternal
knowing Being was proved necessarily to exist, would argue all to
be Matter, and so deny a GOD, that is, an eternal cogitative Being:
whereby they are so far from establishing, that they destroy their
own Hypothesis. For if there can be, in their Opinion, eternal
Matter, without any eternal cogitative Being, they manifestly sepa-
rate Matter and Thinking, and suppose no necessary connexion of
the one with the other, and so establish the necessity of an eternal
Spirit, but not of Matter; since it has been proved already, that
an eternal cogitative Being is unavoidably to be granted. Now if
— 626 —
Thinking and Matter may be separated, the eternal Existence of
Matter, will not follow from the eternal Existence of a cogitative Being,
and they suppose it to no purpose.
Locke Hum IV, 10, §13, pp. 625-626