— 620 —
And most knowing.
      §5. Again, a Man finds in himself Perception, and Knowledge. We
have then got one step farther; and we are certain now, that there
is not only some Being, but some knowing intelligent Being in the
      There was a time then, when there was no knowing Being, and
when Knowledge began to be; or else, there has been also a knowing
Being from Eternity. If it be said, there was a time when no Being had
any Knowledge, when that eternal Being was void of all Under-
standing. I reply, that then it was impossible there should ever
have been any Knowledge. It being as impossible, that Things
wholly void of Knowledge, and operating blindly, and without any
Perception, should produce a knowing Being, as it is impossible,
that a Triangle should make it self three Angles bigger than two
right ones. For it is as repugnant to the Idea of senseless Matter,
— 621 —
that it should put into it self Sense, Perception, and Knowledge, as
it is repugnant to the Idea of a Triangle, that it should put into it
self greater Angles than two right ones.
Locke Hum IV, 10, §5, pp. 620-621