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Secondly, When a part of any complex Idea is predicated of the whole.
      §4. Secondly, Another sort of Trifling Propositions is, when a part of
the complex Idea is predicated of the Name of the whole; a part of the
Definition of the Word defined. Such are all Propositions wherein
the Genus is predicated of the Species, or more comprehensive of less
comprehensive Terms: For what Information, what Knowledge
carries this Proposition in it, viz. Lead is a Metal, to a Man, who
knows the complex Idea the name Lead stands for. All the simple
Ideas that go to the complex one signified by the Term Metal,
being nothing but what he before comprehended, and signified by
the name Lead. Indeed, to a Man that knows the Signification of
the word Metal, and not of the word Lead, it is a shorter way to
explain the Signification of the word Lead, by saying it is a Metal,
which at once expresses several of its simple Ideas, than to enumer-
ate them one by one, telling him it is a Body very heavy, fusible, and
Locke Hum IV, 8, §4, p. 612