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Thirdly, In other Relations we may have.
      §6. Thirdly, As to the Relations of Modes, Mathematicians have
framed many Axioms concerning that one Relation of Equality.
As Equals taken from Equals, the remainder will be Equals; which, with
the rest of that kind, however they are received for Maxims
by the Mathematicians, and are unquestionable Truths; yet,
I think, that any one who considers them, will not find, that
they have a clearer self-evidence than these, that one and one, are
equal to two; that if you take from the five Fingers of one Hand two, and
from the five Fingers of the other Hand two, the remaining numbers will be
equal. These, and a thousand other such Propositions, may be found
in Numbers, which, at very first hearing, force the assent, and
carry with them an equal, if not greater clearness, than those
mathematical Axioms.
Locke Hum IV, 7, §6, p. 594