— 594 —
Secondly, In Co-existence we have few self-evident Propositions.
      §5. Secondly, As to Co-existence, or such a necessary connexion
between two Ideas, that in the Subject where one of them is supposed,
there the other must necessarily be also: Of such agreement, or
disagreement as this, the Mind has an immediate perception but in
very few of them. And therefore in this sort, we have but very little
intuitive Knowledge: nor are there to be found very many Proposi-
tions that are self-evident, though some there are; v.g. the Idea of
filling of a place equal to the Contents of its superficies, being
annexed to our Idea of Body, I think it is a self-evident Proposition,
That two Bodies cannot be in the same place.
Locke Hum IV, 7, §5, p. 594