— 591 —
Self-evidence not peculiar to received Axioms.
      §3. This being so, in the next place let us consider, whether this
Self-evidence be peculiar only to those Propositions, which commonly
pass under the Name of Maxims, and have the dignity of Axioms
allowed them. And here ’tis plain, that several other Truths, not
allow’d to be Axioms, partake equally with them in this Self-evidence.
— 592 —
This we shall see, if we go over those several sorts of agreement or
disagreement of Ideas, which I have above-mentioned, viz. Identity,
Relation, Co-existence, and real Existence; which will discover to us,
that not only those few Propositions, which have had the credit of
Maxims, are self-evident, but a great many, even almost an infinite
number of other Propositions are such.
Locke Hum IV, 7, §3, pp. 591-592