— 578 —
Moral and metaphysical Truth.
      §11. Besides Truth taken in the first sense before-mentioned,
there are other sorts of Truths; as, 1. Moral Truth, which is speaking
Things according to the perswasion of our own Minds, though the
Proposition we speak agree not to the reality of Things. 2. Meta-
physical Truth, which is nothing but the real Existence of Things,
conformable to the Ideas to which we have annexed their names.
This, though it seems to consist in the very Beings of Things,
yet when considered a little nearly, will appear to include a tacit
— 579 —
Proposition, whereby the Mind joins that particular Thing, to the
Idea it had before settled with a name to it. But these Considerations
of Truth, either having been before taken notice of, or not being
much to our present purpose, it may suffice here only to have
mentioned them.
Locke Hum IV, 5, §11, pp. 578-579