— 578 —
General Propositions to be treated of more at large.
      §10. But because Words are looked on as the great Conduits of
Truth and Knowledge, and that in conveying and receiving of
Truth, and commonly in reasoning about it, we make use of Words
and Propositions, I shall more at large enquire, wherein the certainty
of real Truths, contained in Propositions, consists, and where it is
to be had; and endeavour to shew in what sort of universal Proposi-
tions we are capable of being certain of their real Truth, or Falshood.
I shall begin with general Propositions, as those which most
employ our Thoughts, and exercise our Contemplation. General
Truths are most looked after by the Mind, as those that most
enlarge our Knowledge; and by their comprehensiveness, satisfying
us at once of many particulars, enlarge our view, and shorten our
way to Knowledge.
Locke Hum IV, 5, §10, p. 578