— 575 —
Being nothing but the joining, or separating Ideas without Words.
      §5. But to return to the consideration of Truth. We must, I say,
observe two sorts of Propositions, that we are capable of making.
      First, Mental, wherein the Ideas in our Understandings are without
the use of Words put together, or separated by the Mind, perceiving, or
judging of their Agreement, or Disagreement.
— 576 —
      Secondly, Verbal Propositions, which are Words the signs of our
Ideas put together or separated in affirmative or negative Sentences. By
which way of affirming or denying, these Signs, made by Sounds,
are as it were put together or separated one from another. So that
Proposition consists in joining, or separating Signs, and Truth con-
sists in the putting together, or separating these Signs, according
as the Things, which they stand for, agree or disagree.
Locke Hum IV, 5, §5, pp. 575-576