— 569 —
Objection against a Changeling, being something between Man and Beast, answered..
      §14. Here every body will be ready to ask, if Changelings may be
supposed something between Man and Beast, ’Pray what are they?
I answer, Changelings, which is as good a Word to signify something
different from the signification of MAN or BEAST, as the Names
Man and Beast are to have significations different one from the
other. This, well considered, would resolve this matter, and shew
— 570 —
my meaning without any more ado. But I am not so unacquainted
with the Zeal of some Men, which enables them to spin Conse-
quences, and to see Religion threatned, whenever any one ventures
to quit their Forms of Speaking, as not to foresee, what Names such
a Proposition as this is like to be charged with: And without doubt
it will be asked, If Changelings are something between Man and
Beast, what will become of them in the other World? To which I
answer, 1. It concerns me not to know or enquire. To their own
Master they stand or fall.Cf. Rom. 14: 4. It will make their state neither better nor
worse, whether we determine any thing of it, or no. They are in the
hands of a faithful Creator and a bountiful Father, who disposes not
of his Creatures according to our narrow Thoughts or Opinions, nor
distinguishes them according to Names and Species of our Contri-
vance. And we that know so little of this present World we are in,
may, I think, content our selves without being peremptory in
defining the different states, which Creatures shall come into, when
they go off this Stage. It may suffice us, that he hath made known
to all those, who are capable of Instruction, Discourse, and Reason-
ing, that they shall come to an account, and receive according to
what they have done in this Body.Cf. 2 Cor. 5: 10.
Locke Hum IV, 4, §14, pp. 569-570