— 563 —
As, First, All simple Ideas do.
      §4. First, The first are simple Ideas, which since the Mind, as has
been shewed, can by no means make to it self, must necessarily be
— 564 —
the product of Things operating on the Mind in a natural way, and
producing therein those Perceptions which by the Wisdom and
Will of our Maker they are ordained and adapted to. From whence
it follows, that simple Ideas are not fictions of our Fancies, but the
natural and regular productions of Things without us, really
operating upon us; and so carry with them all the conformity
which is intended; or which our state requires: For they represent
to us Things under those appearances which they are fitted to
produce in us: whereby we are enabled to distinguish the sorts of
particular Substances, to discern the states they are in, and so to
take them for our Necessities, and apply them to our Uses. Thus
the Idea of Whiteness, or Bitterness, as it is in the Mind, exactly
answering that Power which is in any Body to produce it there,
has all the real conformity it can, or ought to have, with Things
without us. And this conformity between our simple Ideas, and the
existence of Things, is sufficient for real Knowledge.
Locke Hum IV, 4, §4, pp. 563-564