— 548 —
Of Spirits yet narrower.
      §17. If we are at this loss in respect of the Powers, and Operations
of Bodies, I think it is easy to conclude, we are much more in the dark in
reference to Spirits; whereof we naturally have no Ideas, but what we
draw from that of our own, by reflecting on the Operations of our
own Souls within us, as far as they can come within our Obser-
vation. But how inconsiderable a rank the Spirits that inhabit our
Bodies hold amongst those various, and possibly innumerable,
kinds of nobler Beings; and how far short they come of the Endow-
ments and Perfections of Cherubims, and Seraphims, and infinite
sorts of Spirits above us, is what by a transient hint, in another
place, I have offered to my Reader’s Consideration.
Locke Hum IV, 3, §17, p. 548