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Of Repugnacy to co-exist larger.
      §15. As to incompatibility or repugnancy to co-existence, we may
know, that any Subject can have of each sort of primary Qualities,
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but one particular at once, v.g. each particular Extension, Figure,
number of Parts, Motion, excludes all other of each kind. The like
also is certain of all sensible Ideas peculiar to each Sense; for what-
ever of each kind is present in any Subject, excludes all other of that
sort; v.g. no one Subject can have two Smells, or two Colours, at the
same time. To this, perhaps, will be said, has not an Opall, or the
infusion of Lignum Nephriticum, two Colours at the same time? To
which I answer, that these Bodies, to Eyes differently placed, may
at the same time afford different Colours: But I take Liberty also to
say, that to Eyes differently placed, ’tis different parts of the object,
that reflect the Particles of Light: And therefore ’tis not the same
part of the Object, and so not the very same Subject, which at the
same time appears both yellow and azure. For ’tis as impossible that
the very same Particle of any Body, should at the same time
differently modify, or reflect the Rays of Light, as that it should
have two different Figures and Textures at the same time.
Locke Hum IV, 3, §15, pp. 546-547