— 533 —
Not so clear.
      §6. ’Tis true, the Perception, produced by Demonstration, is also
very clear; yet it is often with a great abatement of that evident
lustre and full assurance, that always accompany that which I call
intuitive; like a Face reflected by several Mirrors one to another,
where as long as it retains the similitude and agreement with the
Object, it produces a Knowledge; but ’tis still in every successive
reflection with a lessening of that perfect Clearness and Distinct-
ness, which is in the first, till at last, after many removes, it has a
great mixture of Dimness, and is not at first Sight so knowable,
especially to weak Eyes. Thus it is with Knowledge, made out by a
long train of Proofs.
Locke Hum IV, 2, §6, p. 533