— 532 —
But not so easy.
      §4. This Knowledge by intervening Proofs, though it be certain, yet
the evidence of it is not altogether so clear and bright, nor the assent
so ready, as in intuitive Knowledge. For though in Demonstration, the
Mind does at last perceive the Agreement or Disagreement of the
Ideas it considers; yet ’tis not without pains and attention: There
must be more than one transient view to find it. A steddy appli-
cation and pursuit is required to this Discovery: And there must
be a Progression by steps and degrees, before the Mind can in this
way arrive at Certainty, and come to perceive the Agreement or
Repugnancy between two Ideas that need Proofs and the Use of
Reason to shew it.
Locke Hum IV, 2, §4, p. 532