— 520 —
A Reflection on the Knowledge of Spirits.
      §23. Hence we may take notice, how much the Foundation of all
our Knowledge of corporeal Things, lies in our Senses. For how Spirits,
separate from Bodies, (whose Knowledge and Ideas of these Things,
is certainly much more perfect than ours) know them, we have no
Notion, no Idea at all. The whole extent of our Knowledge, or
Imagination, reaches not beyond our own Ideas, limited to our ways
of Perception. Though yet it be not to be doubted, that Spirits of a
higher rank than those immersed in Flesh, may have as clear Ideas
of the radical Constitution of Substances, as we have of a Triangle,
and so perceive how all their Properties and Operations flow from
thence: but the manner how they come by that Knowledge, exceeds
our Conceptions.
Locke Hum III, 11, §23, p. 520