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Thirdly, in Substances, by shewing and defining.
      §19. Thirdly, For the explaining the signification of the Names of
Substances as they stand for the Ideas we have of their distinct Species,
both the fore-mentioned ways, viz. of shewing and defining, are
requisite, in many cases, to be made use of. For there being ordinarily
in each Sort some leading Qualities, to which we suppose the other
Ideas, which make up our complex Idea of that Species, annexed,
we forwardly give the specifick Name to that thing, wherein that
characteristical Mark is found, which we take to be the most
distinguishing Idea of that Species. These leading or characteristical
(as I may so call them) Ideas, in the sorts of Animals and Vegetables,
is (as has been before remarked, Ch. VI. §29 and Ch. IX. §15.)
mostly Figure, and in inanimate Bodies Colour, and in some both
together. Now,
Locke Hum III, 11, §19, p. 518